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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love Indonesia? Let's Act!

For those of you that haven't heard the news, Indonesia was hit by dual disaster: a Tsunami in Mentawai and Volcanic eruption in Java. In regards to the catastrophe, I found the comment below in Facebook Page Get Lost in Indonesia. It's a great page, really, with great idea, too.

Okay, actually the minimum bank transfer would be IDR 10,000 instead of IDR 5,000. But the point is still the same. With the current currency rate, it's only about USD 1 or AUD 1. A small Bintang costs more than that, a hamburger costs more than that, you probably tip your driver or your guide 10 times the value. It's not really much. Some would probably say (not without proof) that it would go amiss, it would not reached the victims, and you're probably right. But like I said, it's not really much, is it?

Some would say that it's not Bali, it's not Lombok, it's not our problem. But Indonesia, despite of all her flaws and negative publications, is great and unique because it consist all the beautiful islands and places, including those that you've never set your foot before. And a catastrophe this big will surely make an impact in Indonesia as a country, and consequently other places like Bali and Lombok will feel the impact as well.

Yeah, I did my share :). I know that it's only IDR 10,000 (I couldn't afford more. IDR 20,000 means the whole family's dinner), but at least I try. This money and this persuasion, (sorry, article ;) ) is my contribution for my fellow Indonesian in Merapi & Mentawai. No matter how little your donation and prayer is, as long as you're doing it whole -heartedly it will definitely count. Love Indonesia? Let's act.

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