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Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Walls We Build

Another day is here
Another morning has come
The ray of light kissed me gently
and darkness present in the shadow

The world is still in misery
The anger and fear are still pronounced
The ignorance still very much reigned
The blind has not opened their eyes

Will human ever learn?
The clarity of mind and objectivity
The empathy of heart and love and kindness
The humbleness and self-realization

Will human ever know?
The true worth of oneself as well as others
The beauty that comes in every way
The real strength one can have inside

Still we fight and still we battle
Not other people, no not that
But ourselves and our insecurity
Our inability to grow and be better

Some of us are building walls
Thick walls towering high to the sky
Separate us from others that are not alike
For protection, or is it from fear?

Some of us are building walls
Strong round one with beautiful gate
Come hither those who are in need
Here you are welcome, here you'll be safe

Which walls are you building right now?
The one to assist or the one to expel?
The one out of love or the one out of fear?
The one opened wide or the one locked with chains?

And the Gods above look to us in sorrow
As we continue our crusade of 'truth'
As we murdered and hate each other
As we claimed we are better than the rest

Yet the Gods above also look to us in hope
For every open hand we offer to strangers
For every acceptance we give to people
For every respect we share with others

The walls of fear are rising high and it won't stop
Everyone inside can only see what they want to see
With the hate and blind madness strengthen it
It won't come down like the walls of Jericho

The walls of hope are slowly rising among the challenges
Everyone inside can see the inside and the outside
Forged with hard-to-earn trust, the progress is slow
Yet it will still be there even when the world ends

People are running in chaos and confusion
Looking for a safe place to go
With the darkness fell and obscure our vision
Robbing us of good judgment and the light inside

And thus, the walls are rising: fear and hope
Where to go, which to choose?
The tower of terror, or the citadel of faith
Tell me now, which walls do you help to build?

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