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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Song of Doubt

Be still my heart, be still
Don't fret the bright warm days
Don't fear the dark cold nights
Be still my heart, be still

When the world unravels before you
When what you know crumbles beneath you
When you are lost in the sea of doubts
When you are drowned in uncertanties

Be still my heart, be still

When memories assault you like a wrecking ball
When loneliness smothered you like a deadly kiss
When your existence feels like a speckle of sand in the dune
When you future torments you with what it wouldn't be

Be still my heart, be still

When you feel you are not moving forward
When you feel you are shackled to the ground
When you feel you are incapable and unworthy
When you feel you are shameful and stupid

Be still my heart, be still

Yes we are drowning
Yes we are struggling
Yes we are scared and confused
Yes we are losing

For now. Not for long.

Take one step forward, a baby step, a tiny step
Lift our chin higher, a bit higher, a simple smile
Trust ourselves a little better, a little more
See who we are and what we can do, what we will do

Be still my heart, be assured

Look up above to what we respect
Look deep inside to what we love
Look back to see how far we've gone
Look forward to see the tasks laid for us

Have faith my heart, have faith

Acknowledge your worth, acknowledge your strength
Push your limitations, then push it some more
Hold true to what you believe, to what is precious
And when your heart came calling, follow it to the very end

Be still my heart, be still

Trials and tribulations are a thing we can overcome
Doubts and fears cement our faith of what we believe
Helplessness is a reason to be better, to be stronger
And they all will forever be a part of us, to shape who we are

Be convinced my heart, be trusting

Have faith in yourself
Have faith in your intention
Have faith in people that help you
Have faith in who sets you up for this

Be strong my heart, believe in thyself

You are capable to do this
You have good intention to do this
You may need a little more time but heck

So be still my heart, be still

Be confident, be courageous
Absolve the fear and doubts
Hold on to your worth and to your faith
And take that one step forward

Be still my heart, be still
Our life has only just begun
Our self has only just blossomed
Be still my heart, be still

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