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Friday, December 16, 2016

Hero and Storm

Will kisses do?
Will flutters do?
Gentle touches
Fleeting glances
Will those all do?

Splayed on the finest fur
Burning exotic incense
Dining the freshest fruit
And cool, cool age-old wine
Will those all do?

My fingers in your hair
Sweet words and tinkling laugh
Massage on your shoulder
Erotic touches all over
Will those all do?

The sands of time trickling down
The winds of change blew
What we have now will soon be gone
What I offer now might be too little
But will those all do?

In this moment let me serve you
Caress your body and hug your soul
Though it is nothing compares to you
But all I have, I give to you
Even if those all won't do

Hold me closer a little longer
Laugh with me a little more
Let me show my gratitude
Allow me to be yours
And the little I have, will have to do

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