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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Million Heartbreaks

A million heartbreaks and I'm still ready to love
The promise of first kiss
The palpating heartbeat
The 'accidental' brush against each other
Who can take that away from me?

A thousand teardrops and I'm still ready for love
The shy but eager smile
The nervous but excited laughter
The tremble as we exchange our numbers
Who can take that away for me?

A hundred sleepless nights and I still want to love
The first whisper of intimacy
The gentle caress and gentler touch
The sweet promise of forever
Who can take that away from me?

A dozen of whys and denials and I still brace for love
The blooming feeling inside
The glittery world so pretty and bright
The 'perfect moment' that seemed to last a lifetime
Who can take that away from me?

Tonight I walk down the City of Angels
Pain in my heart, tears on my face
Void deep inside, fear gripped me hard
The feeling of loss, the devastating defeat
Who can please take that away from me?

The woman next to me answered, "I can."
Exotic brown skin and transfixing smile
Mismatch shirt and cool thick coat
A being out of place, out of love
Can she really take that away from me?

My image in the store window can promise none
Except those that has been set in stone
That the sun will rise, the night will come
That joy and pain works together
That love will always comes around

Let me cry again tonight over my shattered heart
And the next night and the next 
And all the nights until I am ready again
To love, to live, to be myself once more
To say goodbye and close the chapter
But not to forget, no no
No love should be forgotten or despised
Each scar is a part of our soul
Each teardrop is a part of our journey
Each love is a part of our life

A million heartbreaks come and go
And I am still here for love
Still believe in it, still in love with it
Still wanting it, still trusting it
Albeit a million other heartbreaks that'll follow

Rain can't last forever
Snow will melt into spring
Light will chase away darkness
Warmth calms us down
And love will always comes around

A million heartbreaks
A thousand teardrops
A hundred sleepless night
A dozen of whys and denials
Yet love is still the most beautiful thing

I am ready to love
I am ready for love
I desire love
I brace the risk of love
And one day, I will love and be loved

Till then I will walk
Till then I will hope
Till then I will pray
Till then I will wait
Till Love found me, and I found him


  1. You are cared for. You may walk alone, but you are never truly alone. We are all in this journey together. The destination is always the same.

  2. Hai mba Ary.
    Salam saya dari Medan


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