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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear China Airlines

Dear China Airlines,
Thank you for the excellent service provided by your cabin/air crew throughout my flights to and from Denpasar. Thank you for the ever-glowing smile on your crew's face. Thank you for their readiness in all situation. Thank you for making my trip an enjoyable one.

One might differ with me, and claimed that your service is merely standard. What is, however, standard? I have been on budget airlines where the air crew look like they forever have stinky dirt under their nose, sneering endlessly. I have been on budget airlines where the crew didn't seem to care enough to wholeheartedly explain the safety instruction. This is only for 2-hour flights, mind you. I dread to think how they will look and act on a 5+ or even 10+ hour flights.

There are better airlines and service. Sure. But you know what? What your crew did up there in the air was beyond compare, because I personally would not want to do their job. I can't even look impeccable for more than 2 hours for meeting purposes, let alone the whole 10+ hours. And as much as I love people, I was up on my nerves with the passenger next to me by the end of each flights. Your crew did that PLUS serving food etc and basically taking care of the passenger's need. There is nothing glamorous in the true job description of your air/cabin crew, yet they manage to make it look like effortlessly graceful. For that, China Airlines, I salute you.

If you ever had the (mis)fortune of a long flight, take a good look of your air/cabin crew and appreciate them for what they do. Imperfection aside, remind yourself that unless you can do better than them, it is pointless to treat them with disrespect or with the air of I-am-higher-than-thou. The first step of being human is to acknowledge other human as equal. And that starts with the people you interact with. Respect them and thank them for what they did. Yes, they got paid for it; but what's the loss in treating them with respect?

I can still remember the way I watch the air/cabin crew with adoration, and how I cringe and feel sorry for them when they have to deal with unruly passengers. The total 23+ hour flights was hard enough for me, but seeing them in action made me feel I shouldn't whine so much. At least I am allowed to not look so chic and slept the whole flight through. And yes, their presence do make me feel better. Thank you so much China Airlines' air/cabin crew. Cheers to your hard work!!!

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