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Monday, August 8, 2016

Sing and Dance Your Life Away

I think people should live their lives like a bunch of drunkies on the dance floor. Not just any dance floor, though. It should be one with especially good DJ/Band and most of the people are not even drunk, just buzzed enough to have fun and not humiliate themselves (that much). Or live life like you are in a Karaoke, be it the actual karaoke parlors/bars or in the comfort of your own car. Or like you are in a perpetual mood of singing in the shower. Have fun, be free, belt out that out-of-tune rendition of Rihanna or Celine Dion, then do some more. Life should be that free and unrestrained.

I went to a Harry Potter Birthday Bash a few weeks ago, and it was one of the most amazing nights I've ever had. A lot of cute Harrys, quite a few Gryffindors and Slytherins (where are all the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs?), and a really, really good band. I danced and sang till my chest hurt, and then I danced and sang some more. The euphoria was maddening. Sure, some of us already had some booze by then, but the band just keep rocking song after song and we keep coming back to dance and sing along like crazy. A woman screamed in delight "We have the same purse!!" and hugged me, another one simply doing a dance off with me, everyone was happy and joyful. And I thought to myself, "What a wonderful world." [Pun fully intended]

You might remind me nicely: "Yeah, but booze is involved." Which is not true. I felt the same way singing crazily in the car, or in my shower, or (silently) at work with my headphones on. Music is magic. Combined that with words, which are also pure magic, and we got ourselves a life changer here. Have you ever listen to a song and said, "This is so me!!"; or got your emotion changed after hearing a certain song? One time when I was in high school I was singing "How Could an Angel Break My Heart" so heartbrokenly, which made my friend rolled her eyes and said, "See here, he's not even an angel. Quit this crap." Of course, she was right. But at that time that's how I felt and Toni Braxton captured it so eloquently. Haven't we all been there before?

Songs allow you to put your emotion on your sleeve. You can cry, laugh, express yourself anyway you want with them. Combine the power of song (music+word) with the power of dance (a.k.a releaser of happy-juice serotonin), and you'll find yourself in the center of blissful euphoria. You are there, and for that precious moment, you are you. Problems cease to exist, worries and fear are set aside, there's nothing else matter but you and yourself. And this is a good feeling to have. Too often we are straddled with our burdens, with our what-ifs. Too often we have to mask our own feeling in order to 'fully function' in the society. A good song to dance to allow that little hidden-guy/girl to come up and got acknowledged for a brief moment.

But this is more than just singing (and/or dancing) to a good song. It's also about realizing that happiness is within our reach. Life is hard, don't we all know that? Yet it shouldn't be unenjoyable. Human is awesome in a way they can alter their perspective of life any way they wanted to. A stranger's smile, for instance, could be a game changer for you on whether the day would be promising and fulfilling, or if it's going to be another sucky pitiful one. [There are people who get grumpy after getting a smile, FYI]. It's all in our head, in our mind. Animals digest facts and basic emotion, but we are equipped with so much more than that. We can imagine. Future is not an abstract concept for us, and we can use it likewise. The understanding that happiness is only a song/a dance away could potentially make your life more worthwhile. Don't like singing or dancing? Find your certain happiness, and cling on to it. In your deepest, darkest day remember what makes you happy and let it light your heart. Happiness is never that far away.

There are people who had been hurt too bad that they can't think of happiness that lightly; or people with emotional defects that can't feel happiness. Or so we think. Happiness is not limited to certain joyous action. If enjoying your time alone is your description of happiness, so be it. Pursue and hold on to things that would bring that sense of joy and peace in yourself, just as long as it is not self-harming or harm others. Some people are happy to be Eeyore, complaining endlessly but at the same time is still a fully-functioning BFF. If you are one of them, embrace your Eeyore-ish-ness. You are fine that way. And for others who simply can't be happy, a smile, your smile would help. Stand clear in case these unhappy porcupines release their quills and poke you, but smile nevertheless. The world is a much better place if we all smile more. And dance more. And sing more.

Live your life like that day at the party/karaoke/shower/whatever; where you think you already enjoy yourself so much and ready to move on, but then another song came up and you are running back like crazy to dance and sing along some more. Be so joyous and ecstatic that you'll send your special person a drunkance (drunk/dance) text of Oasis' Wonderwall's lyric. Wake up the next morning or from your nap thinking, "By Jove, that was AWESOME!!". We only have this life to live, at least the one that we know of right now. Don't ruin it by not realizing how close happiness is. Don't waste it by feeling or being anything other than awesome. Yes, even on Mondays like today. Rock on, fellas.

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