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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ode to Mother Earth

Grace be to Mother Earth
From her womb we are all born
From her body we are all live
To her we will all come home

The soil that nurture
The land that feeds
The dirt where we rest
For now and for eternity

Is it not the soil that feeds the plant
Which in turn feeds the animal and us?
Is it not the land that spread its beauty
And allow us to thrive and grow?

Every flower that blooms, high or low
Every blade of grass or lowest 'shroom
Every juicy fruit and delectable vegetables
Mother Earth's energy flows through them

Every graceful animal that moves
Every little one that we can barely see
Every human that stood on this earth
Mother Earth's energy flows through us

Yet we destroy and we hurt
We rendered her useless and inhabitable
We drained her energy with no thanks
Still She gives. And gives. And gives.

Is the world not beautiful enough?
With all the colors and shapes that entice us
Is the world not delightful enough?
With food and friend and place to live and sustain us

We feed on things that fed by her energy
We live our life upon her back
And when we're gone, we'll be reunited with her
And then, the circle continues

Close your eyes and feel her love
In every morsel of food we eat, grown from her
In every natural beauty we see, created from her
In every movement we made, sustained by her

Close your eyes and feel her strength
Cities built, destroyed, and built again
Civilization came one after another
Yet she stays the same, as the sun and moon and stars

Close your eyes and be close to her
Touch the land and thank her
Touch the leaves and thank her
Touch your beloved and thank her

Thank you Mother Earth for your energy
Thank you Mother Earth for your love
Thank you Mother Earth for your patience and kindness
Thank you Mother Earth…

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