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Friday, November 1, 2013

Bust That Bust-y Move!

"The part of a woman’s body men look at the most?
I hope you are sitting down, because I'm about to give you the shock of your life...."

And according to the said article, the answer is....... Breasts!!!
Yes, yes, feel free to bump your head in unison to the desk.
Elvira, the only character I know that successfully match her boobs and her personality

I hope the writer was joking or she was being sarcastic, because I seriously doubt that this comes a shock to anyone. I mean, even a blooming adolescent (a.k.a teenager) would know that. It is difficult not to gaze upon those little hills (or to depict Pamela Anderson's or Christina Hendrick's: the huge treasure chests). Even for the slow thinker, you must have realize by now there is indeed a reason why women selfies on the internet (or ones that you receive/sent) almost always include these handful part of the bodies. And yes, there is also a reason why boob job is always in popular demand. This is no mystery of life, this is common knowledge.

That asides, the reason I wrote with puns and sexual innuendo is because I don't understand why looking at boobies is widely frowned upon. As the article say, women also look at other women's chest too. I know I do, and I notice my girl friends do too. Well, some of them look at their shoes and hairdo first, each to each own I guess. But for men, well... Quoting the article: "Men look at chests and waists for longer periods of time than they look at faces." Chests and waists are the tell-tale sign of how reproductive a woman is, at least theoretically. Thus it actually make sense if men in general look at women like that. I would be very surprised (and totally freaked out) if a man come to me and said lustily: "You have a very sexy thumb, it arouses me...". This, of course, still a plausible scenario; but again, each to each own.

Here's a picture of my thumb. You are welcome.

Which brings me to another side of the booby-trap, the discomfort and unpleasantness women often feel when men ogling their chests. Men (and some women too), I just want to tell you that although I can understand you throwing glances at a woman's chests, you are not supposed to stare them to eternity. Appreciative glances are ok, the "You... Me... Tonight..." glances are never ok (and ladies, you are welcome to call the police or take action for this). Imagine if someone stare at the bulk in your groin for like a whole minute or more, what would you feel? (I assume the lot of you men would feel uncomfortable, but for those individuals that cherish the pleasure, you're welcome).

Am I being malicious towards my fellow women? Heck no! If you think women wouldn't notice Christian Bale or Channing Tatum crossing the street topless then you got us soooo wrong. I believe that women is also appreciative to men's body, but we just don't show it as open as our male counterpart. Therefore I see no reason why men can't check out women's body, because sure as hell we can check out theirs as well. This is what equality is all about. What confuses me is women who dressed up in low-neck shirts that accentuate their chests, and then complained about being ogled and stated: "I am more than just a set of boobs you know!!". Uhhh.... well then cover up and let me see what you got, because Thelma and Louise kinda distracting me. Yes by the way, I am a straight woman, thanks for asking. It is similar to a man  who decked out with fancy suit and expensive cars (and platinum cards, woohoo!!) and moaned: "I am more than just a stack of money." Yes honey, sure you are, by the way those earrings at Tiffany would look awesome on me, don't you think? Or a man with six pack abs and a killer smile who is so hot he could melt Sauron's ring in a flash: "I am just an ordinary man. I have feelings too." Sure love, I totally get it. What's your phone number again?

We. Must. Not. Ogle
We. Must. Not. Ogle
We. Must. Not...

In a shell, given a chance I think women would do exactly what men would do in terms of appreciating the opposite gender's body. Thus unless it is become displeasing and worrisome (seriously, ogling on us too long and make lewd comments or offensive gesture is just so tactless and worth a visit - your visit - to the police), I think people should just chill out with this busty-move, especially in terms of relationship. A lot of women got hung up if they found their partner checking out or complementing other women. I don't think your partner would leave you just because he found other people's breasts fascinating (but if he specifically offer you a boob job to fit his fantasies, you might want to leave him. Or not. Depends whether you want the free boob job or not). If we women get faint and woozy after a seeing Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman, let the men have their own fun too. The borderline is, in my opinion, when it becomes disrespectful towards you as the video below comically portray. I mean like, d'oh.

I have boobies and I don't like when people being disrespectful towards me because of them. I don't like when people disrespectful towards me in general, especially for things that I couldn't (and/or wouldn't) change such as my race, my age, my skin color, my nationality, my body shape and size, and all that jazz. I really think that is all there is to it. The issue is not about ogling at boobies, the issue is being respectful vs disrespectful; and as I stated above, the line is pretty clear. We know you guys are fascinated by us, but keep it civil and respectful kay. We'll respect you even more for that, even though you don't have the six pack abs or the legendary Black Amex. See, us women can be judgmental too if we want ;)

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