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Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Am Not Young Enough To Know Everything

I am not young enough to know everything
This aching bone, this sunken cheeks
This leathery skin, this wilted flesh
This bliurred memories and dim vision

Gone were the days when i am young
A sprightly youth, a tender soul
Eyes that see things, mind that is open
And the beautiful, beautiful experiences

Every muscle knows something,
memorizing it clearly from my movement
Every gaze reveals something,
Understanding it from my experience

Lo and behold, i know things!
Fear and pain have not bind me yet
And neither do pessimism and doubts
And thus, I truly know things

The beauty of the world
Its wonder experienced in all my senses
The delight to be a part of life
Oh how good it is to be young!

But now I'm old, and I forget
The knowledge flickers and dims like an old light
It swarmed me like the morning fog
Cold and shapeless, a fraction of dream

Will I ever be back again?
Will I ever know things again?
Curse this age and the life I live
Curse the pain and dissapointment that broke my wings

My child wanders around freely
Smile on his face and laughters galore
Experiencing things, knowing things
Understanding things in life and enjoying it

But not me
I am not young enough to know everything

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