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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Freaks


To most, it was a perfect world. Where people think alike, look alike, obey the harsh rules that they set themselves. A world of steel silver white, sinfully clean, unbearably cold. To a handful, it was the death of humanity.

"The Normals", which is what they call themselves, pursue their prey or "The Freaks" relentlessly. Their sheer number is enough to scare The Freaks to gave in and become one of them, their bright colors turn into dull silvery white, their shapes and size turn into average and, ah, normal. No longer the prey remember the lush of life, the joy of living free, they have become The Normals and thus a prisoner of themselves and their so-called society.

Those who were not willing to give up were overcome, got broken or got killed or killed themselves. The Normals have a no survivor rule, and apply it ruthlessly. Either the prey become one of them, or eliminate them. The victims did not lose their color and size and shape, but they just lay there dead like a group of butterfly after the storm. Beautifully strewn on the ground, but totally dead.

Even so, there are groups of people that can withheld the attack. These Freaks have better immunity, better strength, and equipped better. Their love for life and for themselves work as a talisman against the Normals. Their acceptance for differences and variety of all things in life were their weapon against the Normals, turning some of them into the Freaks. The hunted became the hunter.

It was one of the immune group of Freaks that was being cornered that afternoon. The lady boy, the fat chick, the womanish man, the lewd girl, the shy geek, 7 or 9 of them surrounded by hundreds of the Normals. Some of the Normals already got streak of colors or shape/size distortion thanks to the Freaks, they really put up a good fight. But the Normals swarm like ant, and closing in on them really fast after disposing their tainted. Soon they close all the gaps. The Freaks are trapped. They look at their surrounding. It was a sea of dull silver white. They look at each other and smile. Their color shines brighter, as well as the sparkle in their eyes and confident in their smiles, it was dazzling and outshine the dull color of the Normals. One of the Freaks grin mischievously and say, "Life is fun, love. Let's roll!"

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