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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My sLOVEnia Birthday (photo) Date

My boyfriend takes me to Slovenia for my birthday. Well, sort of.

As if the 14000 km distance between Bali and San Diego is not enough, he got to go and sent to work at Slovenia on my birthday. There goes my planned birthday date. In his birthday we went on an intercontinental Birthday date. Candle, [cup]cakes and all, I'm in Bali and he's in San Diego. The 16 hours time difference was no obstacle for us. But Slovenia, oh my.

Days prior to my birthday were frustrating. His carefully planned gift was being held by Indonesian custom during the shipment, and I spent days calling back and fro to the delivery service he use to send the gift, both the US and Indonesia offices. I couldn't let go, I want whatever he sent me. It was not until he firmly set his foot down two days before my birthday and tell me to just sit quiet and let him take care of me, let him deal with the shipping, that I oblige to sit still. That alone is enough birthday present for me. Knowing the man I love so much is willing to deal with the frustration with customs and bureaucracy of 2 different country when he was in another foreign country altogether just to send me a birthday gift makes me all teary indeed.

He called me in the morning of my birthday. He said happy birthday in Facebook. He send me text messages to make me feel happy. I feel spoiled. It's the best birthday ever, for me. Then he takes me to Slovenia.

It was a surprise for me. He took some pictures of where he was that time, and post it plus tag me in Facebook. In a way, we were walking together through the field in Slovenia, where we play with butterfly and he picked some wild flowers to be made as my birthday bouquet. I thought I could cry. I actually did, no man can be sweeter. He made me felt so loved. Then he walked me through the forest where the sun shines softly between the leaves. It was dazing, just like a fairytale forest in the books that I so enjoy imagine. Our little date. And he made a remembrance too, with hopes that he can take me there someday to see it.

I don't think any woman has ever been so loved, so cared, so spoilt as I was in my birthday. Nor so fortunate I am to have my wonderful man. Thank you love, it has been an awesome day indeed!!!

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