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Friday, June 1, 2012

What I Hope My Child(ren) Will Have

Eyes that open wide for the wonders of life
Ears that hear and enjoy kind words and melody of the world
Lips that smile and bring wonder to others
Mouth that speak things kind and bring peace and joy
Fingers that caress without doubt
Hands that are ready to help
Arms that are ready to hold
Kind heart with compassion for others
Strong heart that stood rock solid over troubles
Courage to do what is right
Self-control to stop from what's not
Humbleness upon this majestic word
Confidence in him/herself and what he/she can achieve
Strength to defend him/herself
Grace to love others

An open minded person
A loving soul
A quick thinker
A wise and smart decision maker
With faith that never falter
And feet that take him/her far.

I love you, little angels.

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