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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Song of a Beast

I wanna be free
With wind in my hair
Blowing through the window of my car
Laughing, smiling, enjoying life
Music throughout the journey
With sunshine pouring through
And clear greeneries around
While we're singing the songs to the top of our lungs
I wouldn't care about anything else
Just you and me and this wonderful journey
I wanna be free

I wanna let lose
With sand in my feet
And wave caressing me, crashing through the beach
I wanna toss my head gaily
I wanna laugh triumphantly
As I take you to dance on the beach
Dance together with the thumping music
Under the moonlight and stars
And the beautiful sea around us
I wouldn't care what the world would think
As long as I'm dancing with you
I wanna let lose

Instead of chained in this office
Locked in my room
Caught in my dead routines
One day the tiger will be free
Roaming through the green woods
Dancing on the sandy beach
One day I'll be free


  1. Black Cat Around the World,
    Flying with your song.

    and, listen to me...

  2. hmmm nice poem... juga ah ingin tertawa penuh kemenangan hahahahah:)

  3. @aahimam : thx for visiting
    @kamalz : hahaha iya,kadang kita perlu lepas dan ga tlalu :D

  4. Kantor lu kan asik... boleh pke summer dress ke kantor -_-" *iri

  5. wkwkwk iyalah,bali panas gila mila :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. aku pun ingin tertawa penuh dengan kemenangan,hoho..


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