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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wafer UBM (Wafer Kampung!)

My Favorite! I can't believe when I found this in Bali! (okay, I actually first found this on my friend's work station hehehe)
This wafer is a personal favorite when I was just a little girl not so long ago. Trust me, it's not THAT long. It's sweet and nice, but I love it most for its sentimental value. I can still remember how I used to buy this from small warungs (grocery shops) when I come home from elementary school. I hardly found these wafers anymore since I enter Junior HIgh School, and I already forgot about it ever since, at least until the blessed encounter in Bali (okay Mrs. T, okay... Blessed encounter on your desk LOL).

See the writing below? It was produced in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. It's only 50 cent (with current IDR/USD currency rate) and you got 10 packs of small wafer, each packs contain 2 slice of wafer. Thank God I don't have to buy it at Sidoarjo, just need to stroll down a few houses to buy it in a warung near my office.

Open up and yum yum yum!

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