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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Did You Smile

"Why did you smile?"
She looked at her questioningly
The woman in the mirror looked back
And they smiled together

Because you are pretty when you smile
You are reassuring and confident
You are warm and full of hope
You are life itself

Because smile is the winter sun
That makes everything looks dazzling
That bring promises of spring
That makes the buds of dream grow

Because smile is a mini summer
A short time where everything seems right
A moment where you seemed to live forever
A period where you are fulfilled

Because smile lift up the burden in us
Even when we are faking it
The little corners of our lips are the buoys
As they rose higher, so does our spirits

Because smile is a refreshing drink
The strong iced coffee that shocks us
The flavorful berry tea that invigorates us
The spicy warm cocoa that seduces us

Because smile is comforting and tender
Like your favorite blankie or teddy bear
Like the embrace of your trusted ones
Like the lit hearth during the storm

Because smile is contagious and unstoppable
It starts with one and ends with countless
Like the wave sound or water ripples
Or domino stacks that run forever

See your smile? Now you feel good
He sees your smile, now he feels good
She sees his smile, now she feels good
The chain keeps getting longer and brighter

"Why did you smile?"
Because I look pretty when I smile
Because it made me happy when I smile
Because I can, I want to, and I'm loving it.

Now tell me, why did you smile?

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