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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Everybody Suffer

From the moment we inhale our first breath
Till the moment we exhale our last
From the moment we open eyes to see the world
Till the moment we close them last
Everybody suffers

It’s the agony of how your body decays as you live
The horror of having parts of it die constantly
The little scratches, the sharp stubbing pain, the little drip of blood
The failing organs, the terrible diseases, the end that is near
Everybody suffers

It’s the sorrow of heartbreak and lost love and betrayal
The confusion of one’s feeling towards the others
The never-ending cacophony of fear and uncomfortableness
The misery of being chained and trapped in your emotions
Everybody suffers

Yet we pat ourselves on the back for living
We give ourselves medals of participation
We drown ourselves in pleasure
And said loudly, “How Jolly life is!”
No, my dear. Everybody suffers.

Don’t let it gloom you or depress you
Don’t make it an excuse for not living your best
Don’t allow it to control your mind and control your life
Don’t give in to the pain and lose yourself
It’s ok. Everybody suffers

You are not alone in this dance of despair
Others are there in their masks of forlorn
Flooding the world with their constant tears
Populating the earth with their ceaseless torment
You see, everybody suffers

Some we brought to ourselves, through ignorance and folly
Some was brought to us, through greed and anger
Some we carry from birth: the defect, the malfunction, the incompleteness
Some we gain through life: the neglect, the abuse, the unhappiness
In the end, the only constant thing is the suffering

So here, take my hands and hold on tight
Come into my arms and let me embrace you
Put your head on my shoulder and rest a bit
Know that you are loved, that you are cared for
Even in suffering, you are not alone

Do the same for me, and make me strong
Ease my pain and wipe my tears
Give me reason to start another day
Tell me why I should live, tell me why I should smile
Even in suffering, I am not alone

We’re locked in this chain of suffering
But we are not alone, no my darling, no
We painfully swim in this sea of agony
But this is not all there is to it, no my precious, no
Suffering is constant, but there is more

There is love and laughter and smiles and joy
There are expectations and excitement and hopes and dreams
There are friends and lovers and family and strangers
There is light and warmth and calmness and contentment
There is suffering, oh yes, but not only that

There is 'you'
There is 'me'
There is 'us'
There is 'we'
Everybody suffers, oh sweetest thing, but we are not alone…

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