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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Candle Serenade

In the world of hate, be the love
In the world of fear, be the courage
In the world of tears, be the laughter
In the world of uncertainties, be the faith

We are only tiny candles in this world
Not the bright blazing bonfire
Not the blinding beautiful sun
Not the serene pale moon

A breeze, a gust, a gentle blow
And we are no more, no more
A trickle of water, a drop of rain
And we are all gone, all gone

But candles are held more tightly
When the darkness descend
The gentle light that spelled out safety
The innocent glow that lift your heart

And as it burned, it will soon be gone
Yet it can be remade again
It can be lit again
It can bring comfort yet again

Be the candle in this world of madness
Be a safe place for somebody
Be a comfort that we all need
Be the light that guide us through

Don't let the fire rage unchecked
Destroying everything with its hunger
Melting you to nothingness
And left all in charred and ashes

Don't let the fire dimmed unrecognized
Spreading more coldness in this world
Rendering you useless, pointless
And left all in darkness and chill

Glow, my precious, glow
Let your soul light this world
Let your faith held this world
Let your existence warm this world

In the world of madness be the arm that embrace
In the world of pain be the salve that soothe
In the world that is broken be the craftman that fix
In the world without tomorrow be the future

Shine solemnly yet steadily like a candle
No need to brag, no need to shout
No need to force your existence to other
Shine from the inside out, not the other way around

One candle can lit a tiny room
Thousands of candles can lit a banquet hall
All candles in the world could lift up the darkness
Lit the fire, love; our time has come

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