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Friday, November 18, 2016

A Note To Myself

Hey you at the bus stop
Yes you with that silly grin all over your face
Focusing so intently into your phone
As if the world doesn't exist

Elation, joy, ecstacy
Tinged with a dose of disbelief
Even as your fingers texted the words:
"I passed the exam!!!"

Do you really think it was that awesome?
Or matters that much?
Do you really think it was special?
That somehow, you are special too?

Because you deserve it.
Because you earned it.
Because you really are special.

A piece of paper they say
A lousy course, unimportant
There are other, grander things in life
Better, bigger achievements too

But that is *your* accomplishment
*your* effort 
*your* struggle
*your* achievement

It's all the hours reading on the bus
It's all the horrid feeling of racing against time
It's all the despair, the doubts
It's every thoughts that you'll never get it right

But you did. You passed.
You rise from the ashes and ready to fly
You pick up the pieces and put it together
You embrace the rain and dance gleefully

You could have quit, but you didn't
You could have stuck in sorrow, but you didn't
You could have ceased 'living', but you didn't
You could have given up hope, but you didn't

The pain and scars didn't break you
It smoothen you, brighten you
The anger and madness didn't kill you
It strengthen you, empower you

You are still the girl full of hope, if not more
You are still the woman full of love, if not more
You are still the self-rescuing princess
You are still the damsel, no longer in distress

With each sorrowful step you move forward
A smile on your face, a hope in your mind
A stabbing pain in your heart
But still you move forward

The pain is there, but it will disappear
With each step forward it'll slowly erode
The smile and hope will keep getting brighter
And that, love, is how we 'move on'

Don't deny the past because it happened
Don't hate it, despise it, or loath it
Embrace the love, the laugh, the feel good
Both joy and sorrow is a part of you

Congratulations for passing the exam
For completing it before the deadline you set
The piece of paper is not just a piece of paper
It's a proof that you live through

You did good.
You did awesome.
You did fantastic.
You'll do so much more.

Congratulations for defeating the pain
For choosing life over sorrow
For keeping faith even when you were lost
For nurturing love in the midst of hate

You go girl, you awesome!
You earn your stripes, you worth your salt
And nobody can take that away
It's yours, and yours to keep

Always remember who you are
And how far you've gone
Always keep that love, that faith, that dazzling smile
Always keep the kindness and share it too

Congratulations love, congratulations
I am as proud as I can ever be
We did it girl, we totally did it
And we'll do so much, so much more

The world will keep on turning
And we will keep on walking
Moving on, moving on
We will keep on moving on, you and I

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