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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Fat Cow


I am fat. I know that. Which is crazy because I don't exactly fit into plus-size clothes. I am a size medium or a large, depends on what brand I wear. H&M, for instance, is definitely tailored for Fairy folks. I usually wear (long) sleeved shirt or loose-fitting clothes to hide my flabbiness. Which is not even that bad. But what other people may not realize about me is that I love myself, flabbiness and all.

I have no qualms on slipping into a little black dress
I have no qualms on strutting my junk in a bikini
I have no qualms on sleeping naked or walk around naked in the house
I have no qualms on looking myself in the mirror.
As a matter, I usually high-five myself in the mirror. I think she looks awesome.

Yet people kept on telling me that I would look even better if I lose some weight. People comment on how chubby I've become. As if my entire existence depends on how much I weigh and the size of clothes I wear. Here's the thing: it doesn't.

At some point of my life I manage to lose a lot of weight, weighing only 100 lbs/45 kg for my 5'4/163 cm self. I remember feeling great since I can finally fit into those ultra cute shirt without looking like a melon in a dress. But inside, nothing change. My prospect of dating was still slim too. I might look better, to others at least, but I still who I was, who I am. The change in body size does not change my personality.

Of course, if it doesn't change my personality I better off trying to keep my thinness, right? Wrong. Being thin for a natural chunky like me is a pain, and the fact that I love food more than anything else in the world makes thinning effort seemed unnecessary. It was worsen because for the love of God I can't, won't discard food. That means I will try to finish whatever food I get, even if it meant two or three times of leftover meals. There are people out there who can't eat, who am I to playfully discard food? And even though I am not vegan, I made the conscious decision to finish my food as a form of respect. Even lettuce and onion is alive at some point.

But yeah, I also get it. Fatness is a sign of unhealthiness. At least in our current society. Unlike the old era where fattiness is cherished as a symbol of wealth, in the dynamic society we lived in, where speed and strength is worshipped, flabbiness is considered as the proof of greed, gluttony, and laziness. The society hated them, loathed them, disgusted by them. And yes, they are mocked and taunted mercilessly.

Like hell if you think we're cool with that.

The problem with opinion is everyone entitled for one, but not many knows where to put or present it properly. Up your own ass, I would say, is almost always a good place to start. Like, who are you to judge somebody based on tbeir body size? There is a big different between acknowledging someone's body size ("Whoa, he's big") and mocking them ("Did you see that beached whale lol??"). You, dear sir or madam, have no right to make anyone else feel inferior just because you have an opinion.

This woman, which is totally hot, still got mocked because of her body size. A friend of mine was mocked also because of his body size. And to those fat haters out there, let me tell you one thing: go copulate yourself. If you are worried about our state of health, let us know nicely. If you just think our ugly existence bothers you like a pile of trash on the side of the road, go clean your filthy heart and blinded mind. We got fat and we love ourselves still.

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  1. if you talk about fat,it's not esthetic. Some fat in the body is necessary, too much can kill you :p


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