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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Noise in My Head

You said A
and he screamed B
and they yelled C
and all the noise explode in me

Like a man quartered I feel the pull
The tendons stretch, tighten, pained
This is the end, I wept
This is the end

What is truth and what is not
What is lie and what is not
Your voices are nothing but blur in my head
A persistent mist of violence and chaos

Please shut up, I said
Please give me peace
But each of you were persistent,
and the noise in my head stayed

It grew louder at times,
Killing me from the inside
It grew silent at times,
but never truly went away

Had you repeat your 'Truth" a thousand times
It will not make it a real truth
Had you called the others "Liar" a million times
It will not make their words a lie

For I see the anger in you
I see the clouded mind,
The hating self,
the uncertainty of your own soul

There is no solid truth
There is no solid lies
There is nature and universe
And (perhaps) someone who created them

There is also you
And him
And them
There is us

Will your belief makes the world better?
Will your belief creates the change?
Is your belief true and pure?
Or is it a fragment of your broken soul?
For the first and foremost
It should always be Human first
Nature first
And fairness to all

As you would not want your rights to be robbed
You shouldn't rob others too
Whether they can speak against it or not
Don't do what you don't want others to do to you

Yet your voices are still strong
Will raising your voice help your cause?
Will it change the other people's belief?
Or is it just for your own justification?

Too often we called our goal "For the world!"
When it is actually "For ourselves!"
Too often we called each other as "Dangerous!"
When it is actually a mere "Uncomfortable..."

If your belief makes you hurt other things
If your belief makes you angry about other things
If your belief burn you deep inside
Then it is time to rethink the goodness of your belief

Now be quiet, all of you
Ponder your thoughts in silence
Make plans, examine it thoroughly
Be at peace with your belief

And please,
let others be in peace.

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