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Friday, January 29, 2016

Nice Words Therapy

This morning my bus driver asked me where I've been the last couple of days. I was a regular and he have noticed my abscence. I told him that my husband decided to drive me to work the last couple of days. He chuckled and said, "Well he thinks you're very special, that's why he wanted to drive you to work. No wonder you are looking sexy today! Good for you!"

Yeah, it sounds creepy, but it wasn't creepy at all. The bus driver is famous for being nice, and people would stand next to him on the bus just to chat with him. Even my fellow commuter told me, "He is such a nice man." Almost everyone who got off the bus has a smile on their face. Work sucks, life sucks, but it feels so good to have someone greeted you with a smile and wishing you "Have a good day at work!" or "Have a great weekend!" or jokingly said "Don't work too hard!". It makes you feel like you belong. It makes you feel accepted and alive. It makes life and work a bit bearable.

I'm lucky to met such positive person on my daily commute to work. But others may not be as lucky as I am. The traffic, the workload, the bills and responsibilities, all crushing down on us and drowned us in unhappiness and helplessness. We hate life. We hate work. We hate people. We longed for that little ray to shone on us, the warm sincere smile that will eradicate our sadness like the spring sun that melts the winter snow. Yet we might never meet that kibd of person.

We all heard the BS: "Look inside you"; as if us smiling to ourselves in front of the mirror and telling ourselves how great we are would make a dent on our hardened and crusty low self-esteem. We know the f*ckers in the mirror is a loser, kay. Who in their right mind will try to coax a mirror? Other people, luckily, can be fooled more easily. We don't know their story, we don't know their faults as close as we know ours. Thus, we can appreciate their smile (and a sense of acceptance that comes with it) more than we can appreciate our own smile in the mirror. Other people's smile and kind words work.

Which is why we should smile and be kind more.

Yes, it has no direct effect on us. Yes, some would mistook us as a creeper. Yes, there are people out there who consider it a sign that it's a free reign to take advantage of us. But yes, it could make someone else's day a little bit better. It probably ease someone else's burden. And yes, whatever the grinch inside us would say, being positive makes you feel good about yourself. It's not gonna stop the rain or make us feel dry when we're drenched, but it would make us looking forward to see the rainbow.

So smile a little bit more today. Say nicer things. The sun is out here in SoCal, and Spring is approaching. Let's make the best of it.

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