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Monday, March 30, 2015

I Love Your Smile

I love your smile.

I can't tell you enough how much I love your smile
I would gladly spend all the minutes and hours that I have to tell you I love your smile
But then we won't have time to laugh
Or to joke around (with plenty of teases)
Or to go on adventures (like playing hide and seek at grocery store)
Or read silly stories and watch goofy videos
Or eat delicious foods (and some weird ones too)
Or other kind of things that will make you smile

Your smile is like the morning sunshine
Gracing the earth with warmth and glow
I know, I know, it is so cliche!
But don't think that it's because I don't know what to say
Or to properly describe the majestic that I see daily
It's because that is how I feel about your smile
(Then again, may be I don't know what to say
Your smile, indeed, is truly intoxicating)

Have I told you the fuzzy feeling I have every time I see you smile?
Or the illogical belief that everything is going to be alright?
Or the absurd thought that my heart will explode and propelled me to the stars?
That's how I feel when I see your smile, that and so much more
Like the tears of happiness that dangerously flooding my eyes
Or the sudden angst that I might not be good enough for you
I am not who I thought I am yet I am truly who I am
Whenever I see your smile

Sometimes it is hidden, replaced by a frown
Not unlike the sun that was hidden by dark clouds
Or like our cat when our son come to visit
Totally, absolutely gone without a trace
Then I tried to remember the last smile you gave me
And thought hard to myself, again and again:
It can't rain all the time, not for the sake of the world
The sun will shine once again, and that's the truth

Your smile is the morning sun that I see
Every morning when I open my eyes
Your smile is the serene moonlight that I see
Every night before I rested my soul for the day
Your smile is the reason for rejoice
And to be happy and joyful and appreciate life
Your smile is the reason to hold on to
In the darkest despair, in the saddest condition

I am greedy, I know
I need your smile like a cat needs its nap, or its catnip
I don't mind sharing though, just so you know
There is endless happiness that could be shared from your smile
And I couldn't care less what you are smiling for
As long as I can see that treasure of mine
I want to. I have to. I NEED TO SEE IT

(Pardon the psychopath that broke free for a moment there
You are more than welcome to have a gloomy day
Because you are still lovely even in your gloomiest
And it reminded me yet again how precious your smile is
But your smile truly is wonderful
And if I went too far in my effort to make you smile
Please remind me because this addiction could be dangerous
I simply can not think straight when your smile is at stake)

So smile for me when you hold me in your sleep tonight
Smile for me when you tease me and tell me you love me
Smile for me when you are laughing at my goofiness
Smile for me when you know I am sad and broken
Because your smile is the northern star that guides my way
Because your smile is the spring where my river of joy started
Because you smile is the most beautiful thing in this world
Because I love your smile, so very much

Smile for me Love :)

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