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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Women be Women, Please

"You're a f--king idiot for even going to going to f--king talk to your f--king retard brother. I don't give a f--k. We can't get along with those people. They're jealous, no-good idiots. I don't want to hear about them any more. When I say something, you f--king listen -- and shut up!" - Real Housewives of New Jersey

Whoaaa.... Easy there, mister...

This is actually very old "news", published in May 2012, but I just stumble across it today and can't help being horrified. He actually talked to her that way in front of the TV? Whatever happen with respect in marriage? Or, whatever happen to respect and "protect" your woman? I do know it is reality show, and as most reality show it is probably scripted. Which to me,sounds even more ridiculous. Why deliberately scripted something degrading like that? If the argument scene happens in real life I think most people will think she is an idiot to choose a terrible man like that, or that she deserves to be treated like that. Then why? Why promote degradation and humiliation?

It is something that has bothered and puzzled me for quite a while: why are there so much hatred in the media? Gone are the days when the bad girls (a.k.a the rivals) were being talked about in a sensible and classy way, without degrading them nor humiliating yourself. Take Avril Lavigne's "Skater Boy" for an instance, it made me really dislike the ballerina girl and totally rooting for Avril. She's classy, I can relate to her feeling, and she deserve the hot dude. But on the other hand Taylor Swift's "Better than Revenge" made her look like (in my honest opinion) a poor demented love-craze chick, and what's worse she also kinda promote "hearsay": "She's an actress/She's better known/For things that she does on the matress" 
 Now, how did she know that? Did she followed this "actress" around and actually seen her in action and gotten praises for it? This troubles me because I watch a scene in "The Craft" where a girl was taunted and jeered by the whole school because her date told everyone she was the worst (sex) he ever had, as a revenge because she rejected his approach (yes, actually they never have sex AT ALL). Another great example is Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" vs TLC's "Silly Ho". The main difference is TLC's "Silly Ho" was clearly dedicated for the boys, while Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" clearly attacked another woman. I mean, what dafuq bro?  
I have long observe and rejoice the (western) women's movement. The roaring 20s, the fight to get voting right, the struggle to wear trousers and short skirts, the crusade to be treated equal and free from gender bias and discrimination. Yet now we have women being publicly humiliated either by her man or other women, and it is a form of entertainment. Isn't it sad? Instead of being the equal of men, women again being reduced to a bunch of jealous vindictive group who can't do anything except being bitches. To be fair, men are sometimes silly too, sadly it doesn't change the fact that in current society they have more advantages (especially in terms of professional work). Women need to keep going, and by going I mean stop being a bitch to one another or just letting someone give them verbal bitch-slap in public. 

For those who complains and say: But those songs and TV shows are not real!, I got news for you. There are people who thinks Jersey Shore is real, there's even an article that discuss whether it is real or not. In case you wonder, the soft thud thud sound that you hear is the echo of me slamming my forehead on my writing desk out of disbelief and frustration. So yeah, let's show some respect for women whether you are another woman, a man, or someone in between, it really doesn't matter. And women, please play nicely with other women, men, and frankly anyone in between. Humans help and respect each other regardless of what gender they are. If dolphins and chimps can respect their fellow species, I don't see why we naked apes can't. Care to find out?

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