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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Less Human


Now that's what I'm talking about. There's nothing better than juicy sex-related-stop-the-press news in my Facebook newsfeed to start my day. Yes dear, I'm being sarcastic.

The news itself was not news for me, and actually it's a good thing to get all the health regulations and such up and running for people in this industry. The comments that followed the article was of course precious, a not-so-subtle reminder that human's worst enemy is indeed another human. All the scathingly "You deserve it!" by the women and the cruel joke by the men, all singing the same chant that these actors and actresses deserved their fate because they brought it down to themselves. That, is not entirely true; and we are soaked up in their blood as well.

Seriously, who hadn't watched porn? I'd be very much surprised if at this era we can find a male species who never watched porn in one way or another or taking pleasure in sexual voyeurism (peeking your hot sexy neighbor during her, ah, "vertical dancing session" included). Even if you are the holy never-do-wrong vestal virgin, once you married (or having sex with) a man chances are he had watched porn before and that (at some point) helped his bold signature move that keeps you screaming in delight the whole night long. These actor and actresses were there for your enjoyment. Their disease risk also comes a price of your enjoyment, to keep that fantasy alive. Who wants to watch porn with condoms on? People watched porn to feel the excitement: that they, if only just for a little while, living on the edge and fantasize what would it be to be the mega sexy hunk that fucked his boss or his cute next-door neighbor, or the perfect size babe that got laid with the handsome dude and for the life of him seemed to enjoy every part of her. Trust me, it sounds way better than the reality of just sitting there and vigorously getting your private part well acquainted with your fingers and hands.

If these people did their job for our enjoyment, why such hatred towards them? A commentator retort that animals are better protected because they are in our mercy, but these people can think and decide for themselves. My question is, how? It's either they do what they are told to do or risk losing employment, there aren't many choices. One of the actress said that if she wanted to use condom, the movie people can easily find another one that is willing to do without and simply replaced her. If somebody needed anti-radiation suit to work but the company won't provide it due to the high expense and decided to hire another worker that is willing to risk him/herself without the protection, everyone will cry foul and the injustice of human's rights or whatever. What's so different about these people that they are treated less than human?

It is because of the nature of their work, one would say; which they celebrate the filthy sin of the flesh and ruining the sacred union of man and woman by parading it for the whole world to see just for a handful of money. Yet even so, the presumably sacred union that everyone seemed so full about does not prevent casual sex and one night stands and any form of pre-marital sex. Porn is a staple in teenager's life and for some it goes way beyond adult life, and even marriage life to "spice things" up. Yet if it's so deplorable, if it's so ugly and unnatural, why can't we banned them? Why can't we look at it as grisly and as unacceptable as ultra-hard-core sadistic videos, or pedophiles sex video or animal cruelties? One would argue that it is unacceptable because animals and little children and people who got caught and torture don't have a fighting chance, it was forced unto them and thus making it morally unacceptable, and it's just "not right". But isn't a vivid display of how unholy sexual union can be is morally unacceptable as well, that it is also "not right"? They got paid for the use of their body, true. Yet some of us got paid for the use of our brain, and some of us got paid for the use of our brawn. It's just a different kind of trade. And why does the fact that they are getting paid for sex makes them a lot less human than the "normal" people, who would at times jump into somebody's bed freely just for the sake of fun and because "alcohol said so"?

The society we lived in relish and thrive on sexual encounters, of the teenager sex drive and young adult's sexperiences, of sexual conquers and orgasmic delights. Just check your Facebook newsfeed especially after weekends where you will be greeted by a number of sexual revelations or sexual related memes. We enjoyed it, it's our little not-so-guilty pleasure. So why the rock was cast towards the actors and actresses? You don't have to be ultra supportive or extra nice, one is entitled of one's own feeling. You can still disagree on what they do for living, just as you disagree on others' political view or even the celebrity that others' idolize, but please never ever considered them as less than human. Our advanced brain and line of thinking more often than not deluded us into thinking that we are superior than others, that we are entitled to play God and decide what is right and what is not. We are not. You can cringe for somebody's profession or feeling distaste for it, but none of us owns the right to think it made them less human, just as none of us owns the right to think skin color or religion or nationality made others less human. It takes all kinds to make a world. That is what made it beautiful. That is what made it precious.

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