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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Phone, The Flight, The One-Night Cinderella

Was it the phone you decided to buy
Was it the flight I decided to take
Whatever it is, I become a one-night cinderella

The world is a large mask-party
And we are it's unassuming guests
2 people from the end of the world to the other
I found myself dancing with you in the light

The phone that rang
The plane that flew
And me a cinderella that wish the night will never end

It was a night of magic and light
Where words come alive
Where feelings are melodius like songs
Where I become what I've always dreamed to be

Yet the phone'll stop ringing
The reverse flight will need to be taken
And cinderella will be alone again,
Broken shards of glass shoes in her bloodied feet

But behold!
The night is young, the moon is full
Let's worried not with the uncertain future
And let us dance, dance, dance!

Let me be lost in the music, drown in your warmth
And let us thank the phone and the flight
For I've become your cinderella

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