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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Family Holiday, (Balinese) Singles!

Yes, i'm still single
Yes, it has been quite a while
No, I'm fine with being single
Yes, I know I'm getting older
Yes, I know that women (traditionally) are expected to be a mother and wife
Yes, I do like men
Yes, I keep my eyes open for potential husband
No, it's very kind of you but I doubt that your long-lost-thrice-removed cousins will be a suitable match
Yes, I will give it a try if you insist
No, I don't have reachable mobile number but please feel free to Facebook me
Yes, I also hope that I will get marry someday (haven't we discussed this??)
Yes, having child or children will be nice (i rest my case)
No, in my age it actually feels good to be single
Yes, I may not be that young but I'm not that old either (would you like to see my ID??)
Yes, with the Bless of Lord I believe I will find the right man
No, I really am not in a rush to start a family (here we go again...)
Oh, it's about time! (FIUH..!)
I'm sorry but I really have to go. See you all in 6 more months!!

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