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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bike tour in Kuta: Enjoy the other side of Bali

It's holiday time, you're in Bali, and you have no idea what to do next (or first!). Why not grab a bike and explore other side of Bali? And when I say Bike, I mean the old version bike, the delightful human-powered ones as opposed to the gas-guzzling motor bikes with (what seemingly) drivers who didn't pass the diving test. Unwind and let loose of yourself, get some fresh air (and a nice exercise while you're at it), and enjoy Bali at its best :).

AirAsia HSBC will be having a bike tour in Kuta this Sunday, September 4 2011, and the route covers Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Seminyak area, and ends during sunset at Petitenget Beach and Temple. Thinks you already know these area like the back of your hand? Think again, as visiting it on bike is way nicer (and cooler) than visiting it inside a closed air-conditioned vehicle or on loud motorbikes with people swearing around you. You wont have to deal with the traffic, that's for sure, as the route takes shortcuts along the beach so you get to see the gorgeous beach and delightful shops, even some patches of rice field (Yeah, we still got some in Seminyak. Don't believe it? Join the tour then).

I think this is the first time anyone do a bike tour in Kuta, though it's a regular in Ubud, and that's why I'm so excited about it. It costs a mere IDR 300,000 (that's more or less USD 36/AUD 33), and it already includes bike for the tour, snack, and a nice t-shirt. The tour team includes mechanic, medic, guide, even a car to bring your shopping bags. Didn't I mention? They have special photo and shopping session in the route, one of Bali's best area to shop (and eat!). So get your camera and cards ready ;).

You can get more info and registered for this tour in AirAsia HSBC booth at KutaBex (just before the Kuta's McDonald by the beach). If you are in Bali and happened to stay around the area, I think you really should come and join the tour. Hopefully the tour can be a good start for other biking tours to come in the bustling Kuta Area. Biking is so much greener and so less noisier than other mode of transportation; we're not so alienated as when we're in cars or motorbikes, yet not too "involved" as one might feel when traveling on foot; it offers a different point of view;it's just perfect. Being the first to experience this new and unique side of Bali doesn't hurt either :). Hope to see you this Sunday with your bikes and gears on!

UPDATE: read the whole review and story here!!!

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