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Monday, July 18, 2011

Song of the Siren

I want to know what your man think
when I smile at him shyly with respect in my eyes
as you never smile at him that way

I want to know what your man think
when I listen to him attentively, absorbing all his words
as you didn't even bother to listen, only talk about yourself

I want to know what your man think
when I praise him and say thank you sincerely to him
as he will never hear those words from you

And yes, I want to know what YOU think
when I run my fingers through his hair and tell him he's precious
when i hold him close and whisper "everything will be alright"
when my words become his only support to go on living
when he smiled lovingly back at me and wish you were everything that I am.

Oh yes I can do that and a whole lot more
But no girl, I'm not taking your man.
The only game I play is the game I'm planning to win
If I can't keep him, no point on taking him from you
But my siren sisters will

So watch your back, watch your man.
Tie him nicely with cords of love, bonds of respect, padlock of trust
Severe the ties with your selfish action, and us sirens will dance with glee
Love your man. Love him well.
Or it's open season for us sirens.

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