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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prayer of the Day

Something that I manage to forget until recently...
I found this prayer in a bookmark from a Christian bookshop, and it has always been my favorite. But it was lost when I move to this place. So glad when I finally found it again.
I still can't do what the prayer ask all the time, but I'm trying hard cause it helped me a lot. Hope it helps you, too :)

If I can do some good today
If I can serve along Life's way
If I can have something helpful say
Lord, show me how

If I can right a human's wrong
If I can help to make one's strong
If I can help with smile or song
Lord, show me how

If I can aid one's in distress
If I can make a burdern less
If I can spread more happiness
Lord, Please show me how!

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