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Friday, April 3, 2009

My City

my city is a palace of lights
bustlin and hustlin day and night
the brightness of sun on glass window of tall buildings
the shining lights of billboard and building alike
it's a palace of light, a wonderland

and you will never be lonely
the cold morning is greeted with the office madness
and the chilly night is accentuated with the sounds of people

And the Heights, oh my God, The Heights!
Running accross a tall pedestrian bridge
Taking a glimpse of traffic below from your office window
standing in top of the tall campus building
breathing the air, enjoying the freedom

and it's such a beautiful place to say thank you
Thank God I still got a seat on the bus
Thank God I can give my seat to that grandma
Thank God the bus is not that full
(the bus did get REALLY full) But THX GOD I'm home!!!

and you'll enjoy the drama
the queerness of people
the kindness of people
the stupidity of people
prepare yourself to laugh,
cause you'll be laughing yourself next
and that's the beauty of it!

You'll always find someone next to you
someone near you
and there simply no quieter place to be,
no other place most suitable to speak to yourself
than in the midst of strangers

Open your eyes and so many stretched hands are there,
helping you, guiding you, comforting you
a door to knock whenever you felt like crying
a room to barge whenever you felt like partying
just like a big shoe store,
you'll definitely find the pair you need

Some would say my city is Harsh,
Some would say my city is Cruel,
Some would say my city is Intolerable,
but it's my City....

No matter how beautiful the full moon on sandy beach is
No matter how pleasant it is to swim freely
No matter how exciting and fun my work is
I'll be coming home
to where my friends are
to where my heart is
to my City

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