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Monday, October 9, 2017

On The Altar of God I Kneeled

On the altar of God I kneeled
Eyes wide in horror
Lips slightly opened in desperation
A singular tear fell down my cheek
Too stricken to cry some more
"Please…" I called in a whisper
"Please…" My voice rasped with pain
"Please help us…" I said inaudibly
Too devastated to say it out loud
The anguish of the world rushed upon me
Drowning me, waves after waves
I struggled to breathe, to keep my sanity
Yet there is too much pain
Too much sadness
Too much loss and defeats
"Please…" I whisper again
"I beg you…" The eyes grew wider in fear
"Help us, please… I beg you…"
Then the head hung down
Embarrassed for asking such favor
Rejected for knowing no answer would come
Why would salvation come?
We have forsaken ourselves so far and so thorough
Heaven's doors are barred against us
No help will come
Only pain. Only defeat. Only suffering.
As we walk through this earth devouring others
Quenching our insane appetite for the hole we can't close
Forgetting the beautiful being we are
We're doomed. We're dead.

On the altar of God I kneeled
Forcing myself to smile
Why end things in frown and in ugliness
If you can end it with grace and beauty
The corner of my lips rose slowly
And then the tears run freely
There is beauty everywhere
There is love and kindness and hope
Why did I forget about that
The darkness around me accentuated the light in me
How bright it shone, how pretty it looked
And I don't need help anymore
I don't care about salvation or promises of heaven
This is me, and this is my world
The tears that have fallen
The blood that has shed
The souls that have been lost
The hearts that have been broken
This is my world, this is who I am
Good or wretched, beautiful or ugly
I will live on
I lifted my chin up high
Straighten out my back in defiance
 "Thank you," I said loud and clear
"Thank you for the life You given me"
"Thank you for the world You created"
"Thank you for the lessons and trials"
"Thank you for who I am"
And with that, I bowed deeply

On the altar of God I kneeled
I lost myself but now I've found me back
I was drowned in despair but now I walk on it
I was blinded by pain but now I see clearly
For this is my life
For this is my world
For this is my people
And I won't back down
There will still be pain and anguish
There will still be heartache and misery
There will still be darkness all around
But there will be hope
There will be light flickering in our soul
The little candle that others hold on to
The singular light that guides us through the storm
The promise of safety among the wretchedness
Let there be light in us
Let there be hope
Let there be love in us
Let there be haven
I smiled even bigger
A smile that turned into a grin
A grin that turned into a chuckle
A chuckle that turned into a hearty laughter
This is my life which I will fight for
This is my world which I will protect
These are my people whom I shall love
On the altar of God I kneeled solemnly
And say "Thank you, Lord," with a loving smile

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