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Monday, October 10, 2016

Happiness is

Happiness is…

Dipping your finger in a jar of Nutella and had a blast with it
With the excuse of testing its freshness before making chocolate bread pudding

Slurping rich thick rice porridge made from bone broth
Cooked with 3 different bones simmered for 10 hours

Dancing sexily in your underwear and sing totally off-tune
Shamelessly blaring Britney Spears' decade-old hit

Hitting the play button on Taylor Swift's Blank Space Youtube video so often
You already remember all the words, but still…

Cozily snuggle on the couch with a Harry Potter book
And falling asleep over and over again because you're so comfortable

Watching a dog enthusiastically eat a piece of bone that you brought
And looking at you like you are heaven-sent

Good night kisses. Flirty kisses. Passionate kisses. Any kind of kisses.
Plus hugs. Lots and lots and lots of hugs.

Sitting in the backseat of the car with your friend
Gossiping and navigating street of LA

Hearing your country's traditional music played live
While totally destroying the dance routine thanks to your ineptitude

Date night at a game store where you beat the store owner
"I am the King of Tokyo, all bowed before me!!!"

Laughing. Smiling. Joking. Teasing. Giggling.
Warm embrace and kind words. Flickers of lust and mountains of peace.

Sharing a burrito while chitty-chatting and learning about life
Sharing chips and salsa and enjoying the vista around you

Holding hands with the person you like. Talking to the people you love.
The feeling that nothing can top this moment. Nothing.

Yet some see happiness as…
A ray of light, easily blocked by the cloud
An uncertainty, often felt as an improbability
A luring temptress that is unattainable
A reminder of how incomplete our lives are
Something that we (sometimes) think we don't deserve
Something that made us mad if we can't get it
Something that brings out the worst in us, blinded us
Something that we think don't happen often

But happiness also….
Happens. Always. Every single time. There's no running from happiness, as it is a part of our life. Sadness and happiness, the two mistresses that run our life. The question is never "will happiness happens", the question is "how can I identify happiness". And it's not easy. I am holding on to my happiness so hard, so desperately, that I am worried I will kill it someday, or the absence will kill me. It ceased to become my source of solace, and become my cage instead. The fear of losing my happiness chained me to this world, when my happiness should have lift me higher like the wind beneath my wings. It happens, I told myself, it happens. Different happiness, different joy, different exultation, but it will never, ever completely gone from me.

The smile on people's face will still be there
The gentle words, the childish giggle
The 'Good morning' and 'How are you' will always be there
The feeling that the world is so, so fine
The love that we feel before, the memories of it
The gentle touch of time
New things to explore, new excitement to obtain
The world is grand, so very grand

Happiness is…

Happiness is… you
Happiness is… me
Happiness is… us

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