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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dimes and Pennies: A New Year Resolution

In case you didn't realize, the coins lined up on the book are US dimes (10 cent each). The exact price I paid for my almost-new Michael Crichton's book.

When we went to a movie with our nephews, the youngest one excitedly exclaimed that he found a dime; in which his brother scoffed: "It's just a dime!". Maybe so, maybe so. But I told them that five of them gave me an intense 4 hours reading pleasure. Yup, I said as they looked at me skeptically, 5 measly dimes. That's the exact coins I pushed through the my library's book sale box in order to get a copy of Michael Crichton's State of Fear, and also to The Lost World. FYI, the same books are priced at around $4 at the big Bookman store in Tucson who specialized in used books. You can't get a better deal. But back to the dimes, 10 of them makes a dollar and 100 of them makes $10. What's not to love about them? 

What happen is, in my opinion, that we are desensitize over those "small change". I know I do. When I first come to US, even $1 seemed to be so valuable because when you exchanged it to my currency it's enough to buy you a hearty meal. But then I realize that $1 is not even enough to buy candy bars here. That is, if you choose to see it that way. A $1 and a dime is enough for a burger from fast food's dollar menu, or a pack of crayon from the Dollar Store which sell various things for only a dollar. It sure is not Crayola and God knows what the beef patty made of, but to some it is lifesaver. The list went on and on. 99 cent store-brand cream cheese (on sale), 40 cent candy cane, 39 cent Kiwi, 69 cent banana, that dimes of yours can translate to something awesome if you know what to look and be alert. 

We often neglect these "little" things. Not only change, but also with people who we think of less importance to us. Guess what? There is no such thing as "too little" or "not enough significant". As little or as insignificant as it look, added up these things can make an impact in your life. Just as you'll be surprise of many ways to utilize your change, you'll also be surprise to know how important the people in your surroundings are. Take time now and think and recount the people who made your life possible for a day: the toll attendant, the store clerk, the barista, the restaurant worker; think hard and recount them, you'll be surprise on how many people touch your life in only a day. They are the dimes and nickels and pennies we often dismissed, yet together they made your life a much easier one.

The standard "New Year Resolution" is to be a better person: stop procrastinating, lose weight, eat healthy, bla bla bla. Why not make a different resolution this year? One that involves acknowledging and appreciating all the "small change" in your life for a year, and see where it leads you. Somewhere pleasant, I would hope, because like I said those dimes and nickels and pennies can give you great fun if you can open your mind and explore the possibilities; it'll be so exciting and interesting to do it with people in your life. This is also a path to be a "better person" and spread good karma, since there is nothing simpler to show respect than acknowledging one's existence and appreciate what they do. Give yourself a gift of possibilities this year, a broader sense of awareness and a deeper appreciation of life. Let there be no more "small change", and that includes yourself. Happy New Year!

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