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Friday, December 6, 2013

Unicorns and Glass Slippers and The Missing Rib

What if the Genesis is true
That God took a rib from Man and made Woman from it
A clone if you please
Albeit with a little tweak
Wouldn't you found someone who is just like you?
Someone who's head can rest comfortably on your shoulder
Just as yours can rest on his/hers?
Someone who's hands perfectly clasped with yours
And even in the midst of the darkest night
Under the thickest blanket and drowsiest sleep
You can still find each other's hand and clasps it tight?
Someone who understand your jokes and worries
Just as you'd understand his/hers?
Someone who you can tell your secrets to
And who'd tell his/hers secrets too?

If this is true (and you are free to believe it is not)
Then for some reason God upped the game
He made so many humans with so many differences
And randomly hid the ribs among them
So human has to see pass the differences 
To find 'the rib' hidden inside
Or to find the one where 'the rib' come from
And be whole again
He forced us to see the soul
And not the human attribute such as shape and size
and colors and language and wealth
and culture and preference and other worldly things
He wanted us to see the soul
And thus making us whole

In a world of instant gratification
In a world of replaceable things
In a world where everything not as it seems
In a world where changes are constant (and to be expected)
Can we still believe such thing as soul mate?
Or is it just a fodder for our delusion?
A staple for our romantic addiction?
Something like the Unicorns and the glass slipper
Fancy to dreamed about
But couldn't be farther from reality
Can we really think it's real?

I have spent only a trifle of the nights of my life with you
I have spent only a trifle of the days of my life with you
I have shed only a trifle of the tears of my life with you
I have echoed only a trifle of the laughter of my life with you
I have been with you only for a very short time of my life
I barely knew you

But we fit perfectly
Our smile lifts each other's feeling
Our laughter is synchronized
Our tears went straight to each other's heart
Our worries are understandable to one another
Our embrace locked like a padlock
Our cuddle fits like two jigsaw pieces
And as I rested my head on your shoulder
Or you rested yours on my chest
Or when we walked together
Or sat together at dinner time 
Our hands can always find one another
And clasps tightly
And we know we have each other
And we know we are not alone
And we know we are a matching pair

I guess it is true, then
All the wives' tale and bible stories
Of how you have someone destined for you
Because I found myself in you
Because I am whole when I am with you
Because you indeed are: my destiny

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