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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Simple, Simple Happiness

What constitutes "happiness"? For the people that has to work in the blistering summer heat, a glass of cold water or even a few precious minutes in a cool air-conditioned store can induce such happiness. The same goes with the hungry that will be beside joy with just a dinner roll, or the the weary with a quick undisturbed nap on a comfy bed. We can justly say that getting what you need most (or sometimes, what you want most) will give a certain degree of happiness. But what about things you don't need, or don't necessarily want/desire at that time? Will those random things generate happiness too?

I was sitting on the bed with my fiance last night, eating cereals while watching Despicable Me, when I want to laughed uncontrollably because I feel just so happy. To break it down: a) I love that movie; 2) I love that my fiance love me so much he is willing to watch the movie with me although he was not into children/animation genre at all; 3) I love how absurd the situation is, when 2 adult relaxed with animation and cereal like little children would. Did I specifically need or want to do it? Not really. It just.... happened. And I enjoy every second of it.

Somehow this has been my Modus Operandi in life: rejoicing in the smallest things. Looking in awe when a duck approached us in the park, squealing in delight when my favorite cake was sold at discounted price, melting with happiness when I saw my fiance's smile. One can always set goals and standards, and some will probably set higher bar for happiness, or just different ones. But whatever it is that you think will make you happy, the world is oblivious to it and just run its own course. The funny car plate number you saw while driving, the cute sandals you spotted on someone while doing your grocery, the pretty fuzzy yellow flower growing near the beach's sand dunes, there are just so many things happened in the world at once and we are welcome to enjoy and savor them. No bars needed.

The famous saying goes: The only one that can make you happy is yourself. While this is true, there is also another saying that says: You can't simply wish yourself to be happy just as you can't simply wish yourself to be 6 inch taller. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, but it is understandable if you can't be happy all the time. Sounds so complicated, isn't it? Actually no. Both saying implies that the happiness is indeed in our hands, and accepting that we are not in a "happy" place is a way to gain the said happiness. Be happy and enjoy the world. And if you can't, well screw that. Just enjoy your unhappiness a bit longer till you had enough and shake it like a dog shake water from its body and smile again. The world wont wait for you, but it rolls out more awesomeness every day ;). Be happy, precious.

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