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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Use Somebody

"You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you" - Use Somebody by King Leon

The picture above was taken from Scala and Kolacny Brothers cover for Use Somebody by King Leon. The story is how a woman accompany her man to get prostitute because she was too ill to pleased him. Some comments said that the woman was a ghost, probably (I assume) because no right minded living woman will do that.

But I know there are women like that that do exist, devoted (and maybe even foolish) enough to go all out on their partner's happiness. As beautifully expressed by the woman in the clip, it was not easy. I can only imagine the pain one must go through to actually give permission or even helped her man to get pleasure elsewhere, and as in the clip, return by his side gracefully after he finished his "needs". It'll take a true woman with a true love for that. And also a true man that is worthy for such sacrifice.

The man in the clip looks like he was worthy though, at least he cried and was genuinely sad for having to hurt his woman. When I was still on the dating scene I got men approaching me with excuses like "Oh my wife is sick and couldn't help with my needs," or "My woman and I have fallen out of love anyway." Those men get the boots from me. If you want a woman to be loyal to you, then she deserves your loyalty too. I mean, seriously, those kind of men would hear none if they are the ones that couldn't help with her needs or if she fallen out of love with them.

As I watched the clip, I really want to drag her out of the scene. I don't want to see the sad look in her eyes. I don't want to see her have to swallow her pride and to feel defeated by her inability. I want to tell her that she did good, but she has to stop allowing that man hurt her. But I couldn't. They were just characters in the clip. And even in real life I know she wouldn't want me to interfere, because for women like her  their partners' happiness and fulfillment is more important. Not because they are dimwitted or willing to be enslaved by men, but because they can love like no others and strong enough to do so. I envy their strength and dedication. What a woman!!

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  1. Hmmmm kog jd mirip kisah istri yang di poligami


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