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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Haters (As If I Care)

An acquintance of mine made a rude remark about me and my partner, and it stings. I wanted to slap him hard for saying such rude thing, but I didn't. I walked away instead and think.

What was it that made me so upset? His sheer ignorance? He is no better than I am, and my life is definitely better than his. So why should I be upset? The fact is, I shouldn't. I should be upset and feel superior if the remark was made by someone that I looked up, or even honor. As it was not the case, I better shrugged it away because (for me) his words doesnt count anyway.

And of course, there's the Karma thing. I sadly admit that I may have made some rude remarks of my own. And as I have rather thoughtlessly said things about him, I can only accept when he thoughtlessly said things about me. All is fair, right? Wrong. I don't want to get trapped in this cycle. I don't want to do bad things because I hate someone, and then have to accept bad karma accordingly. Simply put, if one makes me annoyed enough to hate him/her, it is better to officially move that person to "I-don't-care" territory since being indifferent takes less energy than actively hate someone.

I'm sorry dude, but your words mean nothing to me, or even hurting me in the slightest. You can feast in your bad karma, but thanks, I definitely wont join your party. I got my own life, and it's damn good!

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