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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What I Do (and Lets Get Married) Means

I like you, I like you a lot
It’s not that I don’t love you, because I’m really in love with you right now
But I know that even if the madness ebbed away,
I’ll still enjoy your company for years to come
Even when we got too old to really discern each other (darn cataracts!)
I feel comfortable being with you, waking up beside you, no matter what my look is
And I don’t mind being with you either, and will accept your quirkiness just as you accept mine
I trust you and I don’t have to lie to you, and neither will you
(White lies, especially for surprise party is tolerable. I think)
Your good genes will ensure perfect child(ren)
And your patience makes you the perfect dad
You also firmly believe that I’ll be the perfect mother for your child(ren), genetically and mentally
And between ourselves (and our kids),
Between our anger and frustration and defeat,
One of us will have the coolness to say, “Stop. Let’s not continue for now”
And embrace each other till we’re cool enough to discuss
Even without any child(ren) life will be undeniably tough
But we will always ride through the storm, because we believe in each other
When one down, the other will pick him/her up
For wings need to be a pair in order to fly
Time may come when one of us felt we don’t need each other
Time may come when one of us felt we don’t trust each other
But back to each other arms’ we flew,
Openly discussed our anguish and fear to look for solution
For that is what commitment is all about
And when we grew old with wrinkles and such
We’ll still sleeping in each other’s arms,
You’ll still kiss my forehead every morning and smile, “Good morning sunshine”
I’ll still kiss your cheek and smile, “Good morning angel”
And felt so fortunate that we have each other

This is not a dream or a wishful thinking
This is what I know what happen when I say “I Do” to you
(And what you believe will happen when you ask me to “Let’s get married”)
These are strong beliefs, and both you and I wouldn’t say “I do” if we don’t believe it
You and I know the heavy consequences for your request for marriage
You and I know the heavy consequences for me accepting it
So yes,
I do.
With all my heart.

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