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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,
I have seen you worryingly paced the room. I have seen your contorted face, doing your best to hide the pain in you. I have seen the tears that you masked as anger. I have seen the cornered, panic-stricken eyes in your "I can do this!" chauvinistic attitude. I have seen the shame you feel, the confusion you experience, the uneasiness that lingers. I have seen how all these eat you alive, gnawing you little by little.

Dear Adam,
Please know you are not weak for getting frustrated. You are not weak for crying and feeling the pain. You are not weak for succumbing to your emotion. You are not weak for feeling stressed out without a proper way to release it. You are not weak for choosing to like things that are not 'manly'. You are not weak for being in touch with your inner self, to feel you had enough carrying the magnanimous burden of the world. You are a man, but you are human too. And we women can help you.

Dear Adam,
Rest your head on my shoulder. Let me erase your tears. Nothing can make me love you less, nothing can make me disrespect you. Acknowledging your pain is not a sign of weakness, and I am too strong of a woman to bow to such insecurity. I will hold you close and kiss you gently. I will stroke your skin gently and speak soothing words. When you feel the world is against you, let me be your shield against the world. When you feel you can't hold the weight of the world anymore, let me hold your weight. It's ok, Adam. Do not worry.

Dear Adam,
Why, you asked? Because human is born with feelings. Human has emotions and thoughts. Women might be wired differently than men, but that doesn't mean you have to be robbed from such privilege. How can I judge you as weak if I myself is a victim of such feelings and emotions and thoughts? How can I accuse you as unworthy if I myself drowned in my own insecurity and uneasiness? It's a cruel, cruel world out there, Adam. And be you Adam or Madam, I will extend this safe haven regardless, as I know you will extend it to me. 

Dear Adam,
Let me be your comfort, as you will be mine. Let me harbor your tears, as you will harbor mine. Let me be the port you sailed to after the storm, as you will be mine. Let me be the warm hearth you can rest your tired self. For all your tears and fear and pain will not make me love you less. For you are allowed to be fragile with me. Have faith in me, sweet Adam. You are safe with me.

Lovingly yours,

~Note: why I wrote this? Because machoism is a joke. You should be allowed to express emotion regardless of the gender. That might actually help people understand themselves instead of giving in to testosterone-madness. For real though, equality for all.

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