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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Girl of Fire

The mauve lipstick was erased from my lips
Gently wiped by the touch of your kiss
But it wasn't enough, oh no
I still wanted more, much more

The moment you touch me the fire in me burned
A raging inferno that I cannot quench
Suffocate me in such delight
More, please, more, more, more

You smiled shyly and I giggled nervously
Our fingers entwined and our body swayed
The music was loud and the beat was fast
Yet the world was standing still

Look into my eyes and see the hunger that rise
Softly touch my cheek and feel the fire that burns
I will devour all your love and I will still want more
I want you now. Later. Forever.

I am Yaoya that burns wildly for you
I'll burn down the city just for the sight of you
I will burn at the stake just for a touch from you
And everything else can be damned

Feel the fire rising inside me and glow in its heat
Let me show you what passion is and what desires are
The love that will consume all, energize all
A taste of heaven, a moment of eternity

Tonight, let the fire burn
The flame in my eyes, the inferno in my soul
The burning kisses we share all night
Let it burn, my love, let it burn

And as we turn into ashes and charred remains
As we destroyed ourselves and everything else
It matters not, not now or ever
Let the fire burn gloriously, untamed and undefeated

I am your fire and you are my fuel
So kiss me once more to set the world free
Disappeared in the heat of our feverish affection
Perish in the fury of our fiery embrace

Even as my end is near I will not regret it
Even as I stood there amidst the destroyed town
I will burn down a thousand town and more
Just for a touch from you, a sight of you

Love me, love, for I am bright
For I am beautiful and full of life
For I will burn eternally for you
For I am Yaoya, the girl of fire.

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