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Monday, May 1, 2017

Little People

When the chair feels a little too big
And you think you don't fit in
Desperately moving to fill up the space
Worrying every moment you look like a fool

When the shoes feel a little too big
And you think you can't keep them on
Trying hard to shuffle and not stumble and fall
Fearing the moment your face hit the ground

When the mantle feels a little too big
And you think you are drowned inside it
Fighting with all you have to carry it with dignity
When inside you know you can't go much more

We're the little people, you and I
Sitting in the throne that is too big for us
Walking in the shoes that are too big for us
Carrying the mantle that is too big for us

And the world is maddeningly huge
The tasks are viciously heavy
The doubts are crushing us without mercy
And us, the little people, are only little

We want it to stop
We want it to end
We want to scream "That's enough!"
But still we prevail

And slowly but sure the little people won't be so little anymore
We'll sit a bit straighter in the chair
We'll walk more confidently in those shoes
We'll carry the mantle with air of grace

We grew into them through perseverance
Through trials and tribulations
Through countless of "Damn it all!"
Through many whispers of "I can do this"

The tasks didn't get smaller
The little people got bigger
Changes that's too little to perceived
Till one day it all simply fit in

Then we'll wake up and found ourselves in a bigger chair
In a pair of bigger shoes
Carrying a bigger mantle
And we'll say to ourselves: "Dafuq?"

We'll be little people once more
Over and over and over again
But we'll also grow into the tasks
Over and over and over again

Chin up little people,
Shine that bright happy smile
You won't be little forever
We'll just have to trudge through

Head high, little people
Have faith in you, no matter what
Even if you found yourself little again
You made it then, you'll make it again

Be humble, big people
For you can be little any time
Stay true, stay faithful
Big or small, you'll always be you

Love ya', little people
Proud of ya', big people
Things may come and things will go
But you, you will always have you

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