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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Song of the Mermaid

The Song of the Mermaidaka Ariel's Other Ending

Here I stand between their world and mine
Which one is which, which one is real?
The soft calling of the wave beckons me
The gentle light of the city calls me
Whom should I answer?

I have walked among them, indulging my senses
Having a taste of owning puny legs and feet
Feeling the warmth of hearth and even warmer embrace
Lost in awe for colors and smell
The life of dream, if dream could be real

I have swum among them, serene and mindful
The lightless water that clouded one’s sense
The cool surroundings that promises peace
At home among shadows and whispers and deepest contentment
Dreaming of life, yet it is so real

Here I stand between their world and mine
Here I stand between two worlds that might not even be mine
The sound of laughter captured my heart
The quiet peace captured my mind
And here I stand: barefoot, naked, lost and afraid

Will I be happy amongst the land people?
With shoes that chafe my feet and ache that follows?
With helpless limitations and simple desires?
With no ancient dweller telling me wisdom of old?
Will I be happy where I don’t belong?

Will I be content amongst the sea people?
With vast ocean and no one to speak?
With years ahead of me, and then some many more?
With no little kids telling me the silliness of youth?
Will I be content where I don’t desire?

The wave crashed gently on my feet, sending shiver to my spine
The time has come for me to choose
The life of easy life and indulgent love
Or the quiet thoughtful life that I am born into
Which to choose, which to hold

The tide is coming fast and my decision is made
Goodbye music, laughter, and light
Goodbye fairytales, families, forgotten love
Goodbye rising sun, bright rainbow, cool spring rain
Goodbye you all, goodbye, goodbye

The coldness of the sea embraces me, envelopes me
The salty sea water chokes me and burns my land lungs
The scale grow back, the legs unite
The silence scares me, yet also calms me
Yet soon here I am, complete and whole again

Beneath the sea level where all flow still
Deep in the trenches where secrets are told
Lost in the majestic serenity of such magical world
For I am Poseidon’s daughter
And this is where I belong

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