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Friday, August 3, 2012

Then Love Enters

Bali: "No, I'm not interested in marrying anyone currently."

San Diego: "The last thing I need, and I mean absolutely last thing I need is to fall for a woman in Indonesia and have to go back to USA."

5 months later he fell deeper in love with her in each passing day. And she tried so hard to be his perfect loving wife. Miracle do happens.

The thing is, no matter how hard we try to have full control of our lives we can never do that. There are too many factors, too many variables. Ian Malcolm of Jurrasic Park explain about Chaos Theory: the reason why we cant predict the weather is because there are too many variables which each affect the other [variables]. Sounds just like life.

To date, I am still amazed with how my life and my believe change in less then 24 hours. One meeting and boom, there goes all that I (think I) have planned before. A life of solitude changed into a life of companionship. I can recite the sequence of events that leads to my meeting, I can offer explanation of what each events mean to me and how in the end it change what I believe for so long, but in reality, I know nothing. It was like struck by lightning, a Eureka! moment that defies common sense and can not be explained. I wonder if Mario Puzo have had this moment before as he described it so perfectly in The Godfather.

My body trembled when receiving the letter above, a part of my 30th gift that sadly gone awry. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, both his and mine, that I started to cry when I read the few first lines of his love letter. Minutes later it was on my desk, and just touching it gives me warmth and comfort. Never in my wildest dream I imagine I will be like this, always thought I'm indifferent and have full control of my life and my emotion. Then love enters.

Admmitedly, my life forever change to the better. Not only for the joy and love I basked in, but also because I now able to accept that things might not always go according to plan. If you be good, it might get better. Way better.

I love you, baby. So thankful our path crossed :).

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